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Virtual Tours


Self-Guided Walking Tours

Map of walking tour

The New London Road walking tour was created by three women who were raised in Newark's New London Community.  The tour can be done walking, driving, or simply enjoyed on the screen from the comfort of your home.

The tour runs a little over an hour.  There are 10 segments which can be viewed in any order.  Walking or driving, you will want to view in the order presented.

Blue hen mural in Newark

This Geographic Information System (GIS) map, created in 2020 by research staff and students from the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration (IPA), will point you to murals, sculptures, paintings and other artistic creations around the City of Newark and UD’s campus. Then, as a knowledgeable walking buddy might, it will give you some of the backstory of each site.

WWII Servicemen who sacrified their lives monument

Most Newarkers are aware of the history behind the University of Delaware’s Memorial Hall – the stately building that was constructed in memory of Delawareans killed in World War I.


However, while the building is the city’s most prominent war memorial, several lesser-known sites around the city also pay tribute to Newarkers who gave their lives in service to their country.


On June 8, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy'a funeral train passed through Newark, Delaware. A former US Senator and US Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy was a 1968 Democratic presidential candidate. Kennedy was assassinated following a primary in California on June 6, 1968. University of Delaware Masters of Liberal Arts student, Kristi Halberg, has created a website to explore the images and memories from the funeral train's journey. 

The Knowing Newark Series presents many of Newark's hidden gems, allowing new and long-time residents to learn about the amazing things happening every day right here in our community. The series is sponsored by The Newark Partnership. Some of the historical topics are "A Virtual Tour of Deandale" and "The Peter Spencer Churches." Click on the link to go to the Newark Partnership webpage. 

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