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Historic image of Newark Passenger Train Station

THE 1877 TRAIN STATION: Renovations

On Monday, August 29, 2022 it was announced at the City Council meeting that the City of Newark was considering the potential sale of the historic Newark Train Station. Originally built in 1877, the Train Station is home to the Newark Historical Society and the Newark History Museum. Unfortunately, several expensive repairs are needed to make the building a viable property for the City. Since this announcement, the Newark Historical Society has embarked on a capital campaign to help raise funds to help repair the building. As of August 2023, Newark City Council has allocated money from the Bond Bill to fully fund the renovations needed on the Train Station! Thank you for your support! 

How much are the repairs that need to be done on the building?

About $700,000 in total. The City has created a list of items that are priority repairs that the Historical Society is focused on raising money for. Some of those repairs include: restoring the unique windows, replacing the roof and the awnings, plumbing and electrical upgrades, and plaster deterioration.

How will the money you raised during the capital campaign be spent?

Thank you so much to each person who donated to our campaign! We raised $25,000 since August 2022! This money is critical to ensuring that our historical collections are kept safe during the renovations by rehousing and moving the collections to a storage location offsite.

What is the timeline for the renovation?

At the moment we are unsure of an exact timeline for when construction will be taking place. We are in discussions with Staff at the City of Newark and will communicate with you when more information is available. For now, our museum will remain open until November 2023!

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